The PLP Connection

Being in PLP we have a lot of access to events. Speakers, student-led discussions, screenings, summits, conferences, and of course networking events. All the things we have the ability to go to, or are required to go to, can honestly wear a person out. But, too often I feel like we forget about the rule of showing up. As one of the best professors I’ve had in my short career at DU always said, showing up is half the battle. So that is what I did the night that PLP provided yet another event for us to attend. Along with showing up, one of the motto’s I like to apply to my life is that you never know who you might meet. By that logic, you never know what opportunities might come along due to who you might meet, which is kind of beautiful if I say so myself.

There are a couple of reasons that I am incredibly thankful I went to the networking night at Kaladi’s and Jelly, they are listed as follows: the food was bomb (those little egg slider things were magical), we got to dress up in business casual (easily one of my favorite dress codes), and I got a job at a company that I adore (Galvanize).

That night I had the pleasure of meeting a Mr. Scott Miller, who just so happened to be a 2007 PLP alumni and the director of both Galvanize campuses in Denver. For those of you who don’t know, Galvanize is an education company that teaches people computer programming, data science, and data engineering. On top of being an educational company, Galvanize also is a co-working space for entrepreneurs and a venture capital firm that has invested in many a cool idea. So for all intents and purposes Galvanize is my kind of scene. I got to talk to Scott about his various entrepreneurial ventures before his current position which gave me valuable insight into that realm, his current job at Galvanize, and his advice for a strapping young chap like myself. Near the end of our conversation, he brought up an internship that Galvanize was soon to begin the hiring process for and suggested that I apply.

So, with a glossy business card I left the conversation a happy guy. Now the next step in networking is the follow-up. Without the follow-up you might as well not have even met the person to begin with. So the next morning I sent Scott the follow-up email and within two hours I had my first interview for the position of Events Coordinator at Galvanize. The end of this story has already been ruined by above mentioned foreshadowing that I got a job at a company that I adore. So I’m sure you’re able to draw the lines necessary to see that it all worked out and I now am employed by Galvanize.

So moral of the story is, taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you can really take you far in life. We have so many of those wonderful opportunities through the Pioneer Leadership Program and the mere fact that we attend the University of Denver. So acknowledge the power of showing up and embrace the fact that you never know who you might meet. Networking events are awesome, even if you aren’t a red like myself there is still a lot to be gleaned and a lot of connections to be made.


Blog post written by: Holden Fitzgerald, current PLPer

These stories are not possible without the overwhelming generosity and dedication of our alumni and partners. We are so grateful to you for your commitment to the success of current and future PLPers!


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