PLP 20th Anniversary: Reflections from Dr. Linda Olson

All last year in PLP, we were planning our historical 20th Anniversary Reunion with great anticipation. Meetings with the PLP Alumni Association were filled with brainstorming in search of ideas to make this event meaningful, significant, and memorable. There is no doubt we reached all three goals and then some! And…having worked in the program for 12 out of the 20 years, it proved to be the most amazing and humbling experience of my professional life at DU.

Our PLP Alumni Association, along with Craig Harrison (PLP Class of 2003 AND new DU Board of Trustee), PLP friends and family, DU Advancement, and outstanding PLP staff and faculty, surprised me with the news that they secretly raised $101,000 in the last several months leading up to our weekend! I am still stunned by the clandestine work and generous gifts of so many throughout the years of cohorts. It was an outstanding weekend already…with the Friday pre-game celebration and men’s hockey wins against rival CC, the Saturday morning professional development program topped off with a throw-back-lunch in the dorm on Saturday. But the kicker was the most exquisite evening of reconnecting, reminiscing, thinking about the future of DU and PLP, and the very unexpected (to me) announcement of the gifts. Joel and I are so moved, that we will add $1,000 to make this $102,000.

My heartfelt thanks to many, but particularly Lauren Fedor who just made her mark as DU’s outstanding event planner of the year, to Mimi Bau who found a way to keep me in the dark at every turn (including deleting some of my emails) and Paul Kosempel for taking on a TON of work this fall as I interim dean for DU’s Colorado Women’s College. You are the best team ever and what makes this program excellent from year to year.

And the thanks still go on! Thank you to our very supportive Chancellor, Provost and University Advancement staff who all committed time and resources to make the weekend outstanding. Thank you to parents and community partners who affirmed the program through their many gifts to the clandestine effort. And finally, thank you to all alumni who worked so hard and joined in to make the weekend….meaningful, significant, and memorable. You are the best and I love you all!



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