Scholars Board Presents: PLP Fall Scavenger Hunt

On Tuesday, October 27th, all four classes of PLP were invited to take part in in a campus scavenger hunt. Split into small groups, we all had one hour to take pictures and videos of all of the tasks below. Special prizes were awarded to the group that finished first, the most creative group, and the groups who brought Fabio the traffic cone and the monkey basket back home!

Check out these highlights and some photo documentation of the activities each group did:

  • Kiss the lip statue
  • Group hug a campus safety officer
  • Get the entire group in the same tree
  • Get someone to answer their door and sing to them (caroling style)
  • Make a human pyramid in front of the library
  • Go inside the Nelson Courtyard and take a picture with someone in Nelson dining hall
  • Take a portrait with the statues outside of Craig Hall
  • Take a group photo with someone wearing DU apparel
  • Spell out “PLP” with your bodies on the Driscoll bridge
  • Run from the ghost of Mary Reed

statue tree plp pyramid kiss lips nelson courtyard hug an officer DU apparel

Post written by 2nd year PLPer and Scholars Board member, Kengo Nagaoka


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