Move-in, Orientation, and the New Year!

Well, the big day finally came and what used to be empty 44 empty rooms are now full of belongings, energy, new faces, and some incredible PLPers. The PLP RA’s have been anxiously waiting for move-in day to come and for what we have been anticipating for months to finally become a reality.

Sunday was a crazy, yet exciting day. Families were everywhere, the building was radiating with conversations between strangers, boxes being carried up and down all of the hallways, smiles, tears, and new experiences. Sunday was quite the day.

Once everyone was moved-in to their respective rooms the orientation activities began! For the entire week of orientation these first-year students have activities from sunrise to sundown preparing them for the exciting months that lie ahead. On Monday night all of the PLP students were invited to dinner with the four PLP RA’s for some Illegal Pete’s and Chipotle – two DU favorites. We had our first family dinner together on the oh so welcoming, JMAC beach on a perfect Denver evening. PLPers played spike ball, hammocked in the trees, shared stories, and laughed about everything in between – it was a wonderful night for the PLP family.

Although we have only been together for 3 days we are already excited for all that is in store for these students and their university experience. The community that is formed in PLP over these next 9 months, truly is something special. Thinking back to our first year at DU and our glory days roaming the halls of JMAC together there is nothing we can do but smile, it truly is an experine of a lifetime.

Orientation week has great things in store for these 88 individuals and the following 9 months hold even more unexpected surprises. With just about a week under our belts friendships are forming and memories are being made. We are excited to take these next steps with these new members of our beloved and family and are comforted to know our family continues to grow. Here’s to the class of 2019 and their next adventure at the University of Denver in the Pioneer Leadership Program! Go Pios!

unnamed unnamed-2 unnamed-6 image2

Written by: PLP 1st Year RAs – Tonia Bartlett, Katie Coody, Sabrina Jain, and Aristotle Johns


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